Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vermont Weekend Celebrating My Little Sister Turning 50

A sprained ligament in my knee did not stop me from hiking to the top of Smuggler's Notch  (the road is closed in winter and used for hiking) with micro-spikes.  Or snowshoeing up to the cabin at the top of the mountain at Trapp Family Lodge resort.  Or cross-country skiing for a couple of hours in Sterling Forest.  And I enjoyed every moment outdoors even in the snow (actively snowing) and cold. The six inches of snow during the weekend transformed everything into a winter wonderland - all the trees were blanketed in snow. 
Cabin where we had lunch by the fire

But the best part of the weekend was surprising my sister by walking out of the Burlington Airport as she pulled up to the curb to pick up one of her best friends.  She had absolutely no idea that I was coming.  Her two best friends from high school were coming and I managed to get on the same flight as one of them.  We had a great weekend of conversation, feasting, reminiscing, and playing outdoors.  And can't forget the Banana Grams!

My sister is blessed to have maintained close friendships with at least three friends from high school.  They can laugh together and encourage one another and be honest with each other.  So many stories!  Apparently they all thought I was the cool one in high school - who knew - probably just because I was older.  But they accept me warmly and I am touched. 

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