Monday, December 19, 2011


Life is a mystery.  We cannot see the bigger pattern.  According to author and speaker, Richard Rohr, life is a river.  He asks an interesting question, "Are you trying to change the course of the river? Or are you in the river?"   So often our focus is on how we can change things instead of simply living in the moment.  One of my favorite expressions I learned in college during a LaVida trip with Rich Obenschain .... "BE HERE NOW!"  It means that we should soak up every moment and enjoy life.  Jesus said, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."  Matthew 6:34   God wants us to be able to experience all that He has for us in each moment.  Life is so often about "letting go."   Let the river carry you.  Trust that God is in control.

Quote From Richard Rohr on Contemplative Prayer

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The importance of Interior Design

Found this quote in a Dick Francis mystery [Enquiry] and it articulated something for me.  "The kitchen was white and brown and copper and yellow.  The colors pleased me.  Colors gave me the sort of mental food I imagined others got from music.  I disliked too much music, loathed the type of stuff you couldn't escape in restaurants and airliners, didn't own a record player, and much preferred silence."

I love silence and solitude; and particularly in a place that is aesthetically pleasing ... light and bright, pretty colors, comfortable furnishings.  My surroundings are important to me.  But I often wonder if I am alone in this.  The fact that an author describes me so well is enlightening.  There are others out there for whom environs is key.

My Typical Day

up at 7 to exercise
off to meet a friend for Bible Study at 8 at the local Starbucks
an unexpected opportunity to encourage an acquaintance and pray for him
stop at the post office to mail a package
pick up daughter and take her to extra help session for math [logarithms anyone?]
grab lunch
drive daughter home for more homework
accomplish 8 hours of work for full-time job while juggling life
drive daughter to volleyball game
cheer for team
drive home
fall into bed
get up and do it all again

ah, this is the life.  I wrote this just over a year ago.  little did I dream how different things would be one year later: new city, empty nest, quieter life!