Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Daughter's Thoughts on Christmas Day

White Christmas that was melted before (a lovely) sunrise.
Thoughts about being wholehearted and obedient and seeking simplicity. Waking up laughing.
Cuddling with the whole family starting at 6am.
Long morning wanders on the golf course with my mom & aunt.
Dark espresso & eggs/bacon.
Joy from giving & seeing delighted loved ones.
So many blessings in return - Sunlamp alarm clock, baby crockpot, beautiful sea glass jewelry made by my sister, comfy jean shirt, Patagonia jacket, lavender...
Accidental naps on the couch.
Paddle tennis.
Cozy fire & reflection on Christ's gift.
Champagne cocktails.
Family movie night w/ blanket beds on the floor.
Christmas celebration at it's best!

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