Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The years of living dangerously

I am thankful that I enjoy relatively good health, but these last three years it seems I've had more than my share of injuries ...

Jan 2011 - fell on the ice and broke my humerus and tore my left rotator cuff
Spring 2012 - threw out my back
Summer 2012 - injured my  right shoulder
Spring 2013 - broke a rib
Summer 2013 - problems with my right knee exacerbated by my couch potato to 5k running program
Fall 2013 - pain in my right elbow
November 2013 - badly twisted my ankle while hiking and made it worse by running 2 miles a few days later
January 2014 - injured my left knee

I must be getting old!  Although I try to take care of my body, it is not repaying me with kindness.  Still paying some of the physical therapy bills out of my HSA.  I'm thinking of joining a YMCA because I need some help getting in shape and getting stronger.  I'm hopeful that if I lose some weight and get fit, I won't continue to have injuries.  I enjoy my running, biking, walking, occasional sailing and paddle tennis and want to continue to enjoy them.  In a good news report, one of my exercise apps reported a total of 212 miles for 2013 ... I also used a second app for running, so my total is 250 miles (and that probably does not include lots of walks where I forgot to use the apps.

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