Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spiritual Health

Just read an interesting article on Soul Care from Christian Leadership Alliance.  The article talked about the many ways you can feed your soul.  With so many options for spiritual nutrition, it's easy to burn out on the spiritual disciplines by overloading your plate with too many spiritual activities.  The author, Stephen Macchia,  suggested that you major on the majors by focusing on Scripture, prayer, and reflection.  I was particularly struck by this, "the recipe for vitality included three basic ingredients: time and space set apart to receive the gift of God's Word, the joy of prayerful communion with the Trinity, and the gratitude of the heart that emerges from personal reflection on life."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Do you have a special place; somewhere that feeds your soul? Where do you feel most at home? What kind of atmosphere resonates with who you are? Is it mountains or beaches, cities or small towns, rivers or meadows? What feels like home? When are you most relaxed? 

For me it's a small seaside town that I have visited every year of my life. There is some indefinable quality about this place that feels like home. Architectural styles, beaches, bumpy roads, boats in the harbor, all speak to me of rest and relaxation. I come to visit and leave feeling refreshed, but long for the day when I don't have to leave.