Friday, April 20, 2012

My last job was so not boring

Here's a partial list of some of my adventures while working at Adventures In Missions:

  • Edit books
  • Buy $22,000 worth of plane tickets in one morning [a group of 50 people going to 2 continents]
  • compare phone plans for 2 users who average 4-5000 minutes per month
  • interview potential staff and potential mission candidates
  • buy cameras - ranging from point and shoot, to flip video, to $20,000 HD movie camera
  • price equipment like green screens
  • talk to wives of country music sensations and NFL players about missions
  • prepare initial disaster response plans for Haiti [esp mail campaign and publicity]
  • build websites
  • write procedure manuals
  • teaching and training
  • reconcile Am Ex expenses in the thousands and tens of thousands for boss
  • Skype with people all over the globe
  • manage budgets
  • solve travel issues at 2 am via phone for teams in Thailand
  • study traffic on the web for boss stuck in Atlanta trying not to miss a flight
  • host board meetings
  • travel to Tijuana, Matamoros, Lima, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, and Kensington [Philly]
  • develop infrastructure for 11 month worldwide mission trip
  • design annual report
  • host missionaries
  • plan direct mail campaign that raised tens of thousands
  • review/organize photos and videos for use in documents, calendars, reports, websites, books, blogs
  • manage calendar for executive director
  • order countless books on Amazon
  • manage 100+ emails per day
  • personal travel agent for Exec Director traveling worldwide
  • read books on fundraising and marketing

This is just a partial list to give you a sense of what a great job it was
Six years of exhilarating variety!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The canvas in the sky is ever changing

An interesting architectural feature.  This is in a medical building, if I remember correctly [or was it a museum] ... anyway, I loved being inside, but being able to look up and be connected to the outdoors.  It provided a sense of connectedness even though I was sheltered from the elements.

I always love to watch the sky, to see the ever changing cloud patterns.