The other night at a friend's house, we had an extended time of prayer, much of it silent. The Lord had me share Psalm 46:10. The night had started off with talking about all the references to "new" in the Bible. I had shared a few things [new life, new heaven and a new earth] and the verse "see, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?" So when God nudged me to share Psalm 46:10, I was reluctant. Mentally I argued with God, 'I have already shared, I am an introvert, this is not new, I am not the group leader'. Finally I just said the verse one time. I told the Lord he needed to be specific and confirm it if he wanted me to do the whole thing. After a few minutes, our leader shared his frustration, confessed his difficulty with being still. Then I knew I had to be obedient and so I prayed it slowly, reflectively. The leader told me afterward that it was perfect for him, that it had been filled with authority, and that he had wanted me to go on. I had actually felt a slight nudge to continue, but had been so relieved to be done with it and stop. Afterward I felt a great sense of relief about some things I had been holding on to and needed to let go of.