Monday, January 14, 2013

Applied Research

My current grad school class is called Applied Research and Evaluation.  I am really enjoying this term!  I am a bit quirky in that I love spreadsheets and data - not sure why it took me almost 50 years to discover this about myself, but there you have it.  I like data analysis - trying to see what story the data has to tell.

I'm currently working with our admissions department to survey about 50 colleges and universities about their events for prospective students.  Having done the college visits with my two daughters in the last few years, the experience is fairly fresh in my mind.  Some things stood out from those experiences.

In this culture of experience and adventure, what is that makes a great college visit and how can a school attract more students - what does it take to wow this generation?  How can a college help prospective students determine the best fit?

These are the types of questions we are wrestling with - we seek to improve and I have chosen a Google survey as the instrument of my research.

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