Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Blizzard, the Flu, and a Flat Tire

Ahh, the holidays.  Wonderful times, wonderful memories.  The joy of family and presents.  And then the trials and tribulations.  A road trip the day after Christmas this year began late and without a check of the weather.  Alas we were heading directly into a blizzard with 12-16" of snow expected.  What should have been a 7.5 hour drive turned into an overnight odyssey with over 16 hours of road time.  Then we had a marvelous visit with my sister and her family ... A great time was had playing in the snow and enjoying snow sports:  snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing, and for some snowboarding.   Unfortunately her husband was sick and unfortunately he passed it on to my daughter.

Time to travel home - complete with one sick person.  A roundabout way and a stop to pick up mom - now we are traveling in 2 cars.  And then a missed turn ... at dinner time on the road on New Year's Eve and we ended up with a flat tire.  Murphy's Law I guess.  Fortunately my wonderful husband quickly put on the spare and we were on the road again.  Finally got home about 11:15 pm.  An 11 hour odyssey this time.  Vermont seems very far away.  I think next time we will opt for a summer visit!  A very tired foursome celebrated at midnight with some sparkling grape juice and retired for the night.  Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013.

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