Wednesday, February 8, 2012

as best as i remember it ... as he shared his dream with me

have you ever had someone tell you they had a dream about you?  a dream with meaning?

it was a first for me. but here is Joe's dream from quite some time ago and how i see it playing out now.

"I want that one" were my words in his dream.  we were driving along with a young boy in the backseat, my nephew?, and we had stopped at a yard sale.  I was looking at some pretty glasses or goblets and chose one.

Joe seemed to think that the dream had special significance and it related to my search for what was next in life.  I did apply for two jobs in the same organization and after the interviews, i felt drawn to one job and not the other.  Thankfully, that was the one that I was eventually offered ... and now here i am one year after starting the job and perhaps two years after the dream ...

God is faithful to grant us the desires of our hearts and to provide for all our needs.  Sometimes we are even blessed with choices and with getting the sparkly, cool things that catch our eye!

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