Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother-Daughter Road Trip

Driving my mini van from Atlanta, via Chattanooga, Nashville, and points north all the way to Chicago.  Packing all her stuff from her dorm room into suitcases and boxes.  A trip to the storage unit she and three classmates are sharing.  Pack the car.  Very comfortable hotel.  Sightseeing around the campus and a great lunch at Red Robin.  Into Chicago for a day on the town.

Lincoln Park Zoo is very cool and also free!  First we saw the big cats.  The tiger was having his lunch - a big shank of meat which he gnawed on and licked and chomped.  Beautiful cats in all shapes, sizes and stripes.  Well, mostly just cat shaped ... but the serval had long ears.  Then on to the small mammal house which was cool.  Then we crossed a bridge over a pond where a Trumpeter Swan and a rabbit were facing off - the rabbit kept hopping across the stone dam and the swan kept snapping at him.  Then there was a tiny duckling trying to avoid its mother so it could have some fun, hopping on the rocks, swimming thru small crevasses and trying to get away while mother scolded and chased.  The duckling was pretty fast.

To avoid a sudden downpour we ducked back into the lion house.  The male African lion came in from the rain and had a roaring contest with another big cat a few cages away.  We watched from twenty feet away and got some great video.

Finally we saw a mother wolf with her four cubs, just 3 weeks old and tumbling all over mom and each other while she fed and groomed them in a shallow hole she had dug under a tree and somewhat hidden from the zoo crowds unless you knew where to look.

After the zoo we headed to Navy Pier.  We rode the ferris wheel and had great views of the city skyline at sunset.  Walked around the pier and the shops, bought a few souvenirs.  Had a hot pretzel and later a soft ice cream.  Enjoyed the stained glass museum.  Saw part of a magic show.  Watched a bunch of teens all dressed up for their prom.  Took lots of pictures.

Began the long drive home.  Listened to some Donald Miller and lots of music.
Indianapolis, Cincinnatti, Louisville, Knoxville and finally Atlanta.  A great Mother's Day dinner at Outback on the way.  Gotta love those bloomin' onions.

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