Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reflections on Grad School

As I approach the final weeks of graduate school, we were given an assignment to reflect on our time and our growth.  This is what I wrote. 

The Advanced Strategic Management course seems like a point of convergence in that it is bringing together all we have learned within the framework of leadership.  I am seeing in retrospect that my last boss was a collaborative leader practicing the tenets of appreciative inquiry; and I realize that I thrive under this leadership style.  The papers for this course are designed to help us make a personal strategic plan for our own professional growth and I am enjoying that.  I also appreciate the fact that this final course is more practical than theoretical. 

My interactions with you, my cohort mates, have made me a more articulate speaker, a better listener, and a more open-minded person.  You have expanded my understanding of nonprofits, of friendship, of faith, and of worldviews.  Chavonne, you have taught me about caring enough to take action through your ministry with Young Charming Ladies.  Megan, our resident grammar Nazi, you have showed me that there are many different perspectives and ways to view an issue.  Huan, you have been steady and thoughtful and have taught me much about intellectual inquiry.  Corwin, your absence is deeply felt – you taught each of us how to be better, more passionate speakers.  Each of you has opened my horizons and collectively you have loved, supported, and encouraged me, and each other, on this journey.  And I am thankful.  I am proud of how hard we all have worked to achieve this goal. You have asked penetrating questions and not been afraid to wrestle with difficult issues and theoretical concepts, all while looking for a practical application in your lives and work.  Together, we have become stronger advocates for the causes and ministries that we care about.  I pray you will continue on the path of intellectual discovery and growth and that you will seek to use your unique gifts to love and serve others. 


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