Friday, February 7, 2014

Global Warming

At dinner the other night, someone asked me if I thought this extreme weather wasn't more evidence of global warming.  Our neighbors had come to dinner because the power was out and our generator provided lights.  We had no heat, but we did have a working fridge, toaster oven, microwave and grill.  I did not readily agree and she was surprised.  Here's why I could not agree.  First I would not define this as extreme weather - it's winter.  Just another snowstorm and ice storm.  And this was no blizzard.  Second, weather comes in cycles anyway.  Remember the blizzard of 93?  How about the winter of 95/96 when we had over 70" of snow in Connecticut. And it did not melt in between storms.  Some winters are just worse than others.  I don't think this year's snow is even excessive.  But if it was, I wouldn't say that was evidence of global warming.  I am not sure where I even stand -what I believe about global warming.  But I am convinced we need to be better stewards of this created earth.

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