Thursday, July 18, 2013

Conversations among Introverts

I am not a very good conversationalist. (Shh, don't tell my friends - they might disagree!)  I grew up in a family that loves small talk and social gatherings. I am an introvert so I am not very talkative. Let me give you an example. At a recent cocktail party, I met another woman was also an introvert. Let's call her Lizzy.  Lizzy runs a nonprofit so I asked her if the organization was a 501(c)(3). That is a yes or no question. It didn't get very far. Since Lizzy seems to be an introvert she said something to the effect of 'yes it is'. So then I asked what was their primary source of fundraising. And Lizzy replied that it was an annual gala dinner.

And from there the conversation fizzled.  Not that I didn't try.  But it is hard to find ways of connecting with a total stranger. Unlike one of my children who never seems to meet a stranger, I do not instantly connect with very many people.  I am not adept at thinking of good conversation starters or open ended questions.  I don't think on my feet like some people.  I am better at listening.  I process things internally and not verbally.  My best mode of expression is probably writing, but even there I lean toward brevity. 

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