Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

This could be a philosophy of life, but today I just want to talk more about the particular smell of a particular place.  On my bike today I stopped to look at all the boats moored in the bay and noticed the smell of honeysuckle, beach roses [rosa rugosa], salt water, and seaweed on the rocks.  I think even the sand of this island has its own distinctive smell.  The trees themselves smell familiar.  Each house has its own fragrance.

So often in life we don't take time to notice our surroundings, let alone the smells.  God gave so many sensory clues to remind us to "Be Here Now", to live in the moment.  I'm currently reading Love at Last Sight which is about building stronger relationships.  In it I am confronted with my habit of only half listening as my daughter talks to me.  I need to slow down, stop and focus on what she is saying, look her in the eyes.  When I look at her she knows how much I value her and love her.

On my way home I saw something completely random; there was a man fishing in the field beside the elementary school.  A peaceful spot, but the bay was teeming with fish just 1/2 mile away.  I suppose he was practicing his casting, or perhaps trying out some new rods.

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